Bespoke joinery & furniture

We offer bespoke joinery and furniture solutions to ensure that your design reflects your business and help you to make that statement and stand out from the crowd!

Manufacturing bespoke joinery from existing drawings, or, assisting in the design process to create working drawings for approval – at P. Janes we will work closely with you to really get the best option for you and your space.

Bespoke Joinery

Our joinery is made to order using the highest quality materials to make your space unique, but also within your budget.

  • With bespoke joinery, you have the option to incorporate various materials such as lighting, branding and graphics to any design to really make it your own.
  • Bespoke joinery does not have to be expensive – you can still have the luxury and beauty but at a low cost.
  • Highly trained team giving exceptional quality finish.
  • When you go for bespoke joinery, there’s no need to compromise. 
P Janes bespoke joinery P Janes bespoke joinery


At P Janes, we have developed a 20-year relationship with British furniture company Sven Christiansen. We are now one of their preferred installers which enables us to provide the highest quality office furniture to suit all your needs. Whether it be the classic style you are looking for with its timeless good looks or a more modern style with bright colours and irregular shapes, all our furniture will be sure to create a talking point in the office - for all the right reasons!

  • A piece of furniture can be planned and designed to fit into just about any space you can imagine – one of the true beauties of bespoke furniture
  • The most attractive part of Bespoke furniture іs that it can be matched to suit your style and personality
  • Working to your designs so each piece is unique to you
  • All you need is a vision and we can make sure your furniture will not only look good, but feel good
P Janes bespoke furniture


Take a look through our portfolio to view some of our recent office and commercial fit out projects.

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